Dead Head Gifts!

Dead Head Clock This Deadhead Clock is a great gift!  They appeal to fans in a practical dependable way.  Each one of these Deadhead Clocks is hand made,  signed and hand painted on solid real wood.   I use fade proof paints too!   The time mechanism itself is quartz and it does keep very accurate time.  I’ve had one running now for over 12 years.  The only thing I do is replace the 1 “AA” battery once a year. 

Now… I try to use my colors in the freest manner I can.   Like tie-dye looks right!

If you enjoy the Grateful Dead with their legendary front man Jerry Garcia and all the colorful gifts that are associated with them then this clock fits right in!  I promise you… you won’t be dissapointed seeing this Deadhead Clock when delivered.  It is very colorful and accurate! 

If you are a die hard Deadhead or a casual fan you can find all the greatest genuine Deadhead gifts right here.  We offer great Deadhead gifts for the lover of the “Dancing Bears” and the “Steal your Face” skull on the side of this web page.   

NOTE:  There are no numbers on my clocks.  This was on purpose… I wanted it to display about what time of day it is – although…  the quartz action DOES keep very good time.   It comes with a metal hanger  on the backside ready to hang on any wall.  All you need to do is drive a picture hook or nail into the wall and hang your clock.  The colors are as bright as you see them here and should stay that way for a long long time.  What a beautiful gift from someone who is a Grateful Dead or Tie-Dye fan. 

Listen there are 2 things in life that are very difficult to buy… one is SPACE the other is TIME so use them to make yourself happy!  Lets take all the numbers off all the clocks – yea then you can say hey it’s about 3pm instead of yea I see it’s exactly 2:56 and a half minutes of 3 !   I hope you buy one and enjoy looking at all the colors – some are metallic colors too!  Size: aprox 12 inches square, Price $90.00 each plus shipping!

No need to be in a rush  -  Slow down and enjoy your day!

The Dead Head Clock $90.00 + $10.00 Shp.

The Daed Head ClockBuy the Dead Head Clock!


Peace Sign Clocks

Gift#2:  Peace Sign Clocks – $35.00 Tie-Dye  &  $40.00 Black:

The peace sign is still a very cool item to have hanging on the wall.  Well now it’s practical too… because it’s a clock! Remember the “Make love not war” slogan?   The peace sign was a major symbol at all the concerts in the 60’s and even now in 2013 – I know because I was there in the 60′s! 

Both these beautiful peace sign clocks are ready to hang on your wall – “Make Love Not War”, “All You Need IS Love” or maybe it’s time for some lovin etc.   They really are as beautiful as they look here on the web.  Anyone including Deadheads would LOVE to own one of these.  So if you have a Deadhead friend or know someone who just likes beautiful original art this is a good inexpensive gift – I guess you could say it brings peace to mind!   They are also signed and dated on the back!  The quartz clock action and quality is the same as all our other clocks and will last for years.  Just 1 time a year you will need to change the 1 “AA” size battery!  It comes with a solid metal hanger on the back to hang up as soon as you get it.   Just hang it on a nail or picture hanger.   I sign and date each one on the back.  The black framed clock  is semi gloss black with gold colored clock hands and a lightning bolt second hand.  The multi colored clock without the black frame has silver hands and a lightning bolt second hand. Size: aprox 10.5 inches diameter, Price” $35.00 plus shipping for the Tie-Dye one and $40.00 for the Black one.  We have  “How to care for this clock stickers” on the reverse side of these items – so if you give one away as a gift whoever owns it will know how to care of it.

Tie-Dye Peace Clock
Black Peace Sign Clock






Tye-Dye Peace Clock
Black Peace Clock





The Grateful Dead and Dead Head History:


The Grateful Dead were an American rock band formed in 1965. The band was known for its unique style, which fused many musical styles including: rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, country, jazz, psychedelia, etc. They are especially known for their live performances which started in San Francisco in places like the Fillmore Auditorium include many long musical interludes “space” and “drums”.  They have also been famous for having almost every live performance taped and offered free to the public for listening. The die-hard, one-of-a-kind fans of the Grateful Dead, some of whom followed the band from concert to concert for years, are known as “Deadheads” and are known for their undying dedication to the band’s music and are often tied to the 60’s hippie culture.  Many refer to the band simply as “the Dead.” The Grateful Dead has many musical influences that range from psychedelic rock, blues, rock and roll, to country-western, bluegrass, country-rock, andimprovisational jazz.  The mix of these eclectic musical styles along with their grandiose and psychedelic live performances has created the idea of the Grateful Dead as the pioneers of the “Jam Band.”


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